Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Squirrel Removal in New Orleans

removing squirrels in New Orleans with all of its roof lines and attics that were built a million years ago presents some unique challenges.

I hope to add to the knowledge with this blog concerning the squirrels in our area, the common points of entry and maybe add a little humor in the process.

I will add some photos and stories here as they happen and when I have time.

This picture shows a fireplace made from that imitation stucco where a squirrel chewed into it and then proceeded to have a litter. I place a couple of specialty traps up there to remove them.

The traps were a combination of a regular trap and what we call a colony trap. This set up allowed me to trap the mother and then the babies within one day.

More information on hiring a local New Orleans trapper can be found here, http://www.parkerwildlifecontrol.com/howtogetridof_squirrels.htm

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